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Beatrice D'Amico - Birth Quadri 1891

The year 1819, on the 22nd of the month of December, at 15 hours, Before us Giuseppe d'Amico, mayor and civil status officer for the comune of Quadri, province of Abruzzo Citeriore, appeared Vincenzantonio di Nicolantonio, aged 36, wealthy, residing in quadri, who declared that at 14 hours of said day and month, in his house, to he declarer and to Custode d'Amico, his lawful wife, was born a female child [literally a little girl] whom he presented to us and to whom was bestowed the name of Beatrice.

The presentation and declaration was made at the presence of Luigi d'Amico, aged 32, farmer, residing in Quadri, and of Domenico Falgione, aged 31, farmer, resifing in Quadri.

This present act was read as well to the declarer and to the witnesses, and then was signed by us having the witnesses declared that they are not able to write.

Vincenzo Antonio di Nicolantonio, declarer
+ crossmark of Luigi d'Amico, witness, acquaintance of the declarer
+ crossmark of Domenico Falgione, witness, acquaintance of the declarer
The mayor
Giuseppe d'Amico

[under the stamp] Concezio Calabrese Chancellor

Side note states baptism was on December 23rd 1819

State Archive of Chieti, Quadri Comune.

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